Introducing Engine by Starling

A complete banking platform.

Cloud native, modular and entirely API based, Engine gives you the power and flexibility to configure and launch innovative financial products in days.

Born in the cloud and delivered as a fully managed service (SaaS), you can configure and integrate instead of customising and waiting.

Already operating a broad range of banking products for millions of customers, the platform is proven and scaled to support the world’s largest and most ambitious financial institutions.

Engineered for change and constantly improving, choose a platform which enables your business instead of holding it back.

Engine by Starling is the fast and flexible cloud banking platform you need to deliver rapid innovation and growth.

Engine by Starling

The Engine difference

Mobile first digital banking.

If you want the capabilities and cost base of a digital bank, every interaction from origination to complex operational requests need to be delivered mobile-first and highly self-service. Engine uniquely includes the APIs required to deliver self-service digital operations for complex retail and SME banking requests.

Enables high performance change.

Launch products in days with our highly configurable platform, backed by a culture of constant change.

Compliant by design.

Thousands of inbuilt automated controls supported by our deep understanding of technology risk and demonstrating regulatory compliance for cloud based bank operations with multiple regulators.

Proven scalability.

Every day Engine handles tens of millions of payments and card transactions, and originates thousands of new accounts. We also continuously perform tests at the next order of magnitude, already operating one of Europe’s largest account portfolios.

Constantly improving.

Our engineers make multiple releases to production every day, without need for maintenance windows. Stay ahead on customer innovation and operational efficiency.

Engine by Starling

The Engine technology

Cloud native banking platform.

Engine is a cloud native banking platform, designed to be agnostic to any specific cloud provider, supporting ease of deployment and scalability.

Independently deployable services.

Composed of an array of identically architected and independently deployable services, Engine provides optimum flexibility allowing for rapid development and deployment while ensuring you stay up to date and avoiding unwanted customisations or legacy.

Developed to be API first.

Engine enables accelerated development with consistent ease of integration across all channels. Inter service communications, customer facing digital channels and external system interactions are integrated through RESTful APIs.

Ensured resilience.

Deployed active-active across multiple availability zones, and architected to avoid single points of failure, Engine ensures resilience across services for maximum availability

Designed with the principles of zero trust.

The modern security architecture supports a wider range of digital channels and enables a fully remote workforce, with extensive internal auditability.

Continuous deployment.

Engine provides for continuous deployment without downtime delivering constant upgrades, increased efficiency and reduced costs.

Custom solutions

Flexible delivery model

With Engine’s modular banking platform, you can pick the delivery model that works for you. Pre-integrated and a bank in a box, or modular and integrated with an existing landscape or other providers - you choose.


Take all the components you need from Engine, pre-integrated from a white-labelled app through to operational processes.

Modular components.

Launching a new banking product or want to pick and choose components? Select capabilities that work for you and integrate with an existing landscape and other tech vendors.


Looking to replatform an existing product or business? Work with us and one of our many partners to successfully migrate your business.

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