Introducing Engine by Starling

Rapidly launch new financial products

Create digital banking experiences that your customers love, on our platform


Flexible lending products

With our cloud lending solutions, rapidly configure loan offerings specific to your customer’s needs.

  • Design your loans

    Structured repayments, overpayments, fees, & variable, fixed or pegged rates
  • Configurable origination

    questionnaires to be completed by customers or employees
  • Automated decisioning

    Configurable rules for auto-decisioning and APIs for partner rules engines
  • In-life servicing

    Term changes, interest rate changes, automatic repayment restructuring

Account onboarding

Digital, self-service onboarding

Open accounts and risk assess customers in minutes, with paperless, self-service onboarding.

  • Person & company verification

    Digitally onboard people and companies, include complex ownerships, with a configurable Q&A flow
  • Easy integration

    APIs to integrate with internal and external data sources such as business databases and credit bureaus
  • Risk assessment

    Define your risk rules to assess people and businesses at onboarding
  • Document & evidence capture

    Capture and store identity documents and nature of business evidence

Deposit & everyday accounts

Feature rich banking

Engine’s personal banking platform is full of features to delight your customers, increasing acquisition and your deposit book.

  • 20+ currencies
  • Family access to cards & pots
  • Sub-accounts & pots
  • Mobile wallets
  • Automated overdrafts
  • Instant notifications
  • Instant card freeze & extra controls
  • Open banking integrations

Business transaction account

Award-winning business accounts

Engine offers the most feature-rich business account features on the market, all managed on a single platform.

  • Complex ownership structures
  • Business spending categories
  • Expense card and app
  • Receipt capture
  • Real-time accounting integrations
  • Bulk payments
  • Permissions for delegated users
  • Merchant acquiring integrations

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